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Estfor FAQ

Welcome to Estfor Frequently Asked Questions. Here you can find the most common problems before contacting our support.

Wallet and RPC

  • How to change RPC?
    • The wallet communicates with an RPC when doing transactions. It can be changed in the wallet settings. In Rabby you find it under More -> Custom RPC. In Metamask you find it under settings -> networks
    • The game app also uses an RPC to fetch game specific data, such as your current loot. It can be changed in the Estfor app settings in the footer/menu

Buying Fantom and BRUSH

Question: Where can I buy BRUSH/FTM?
Answer: There are a few ways to buy or exchange FTM/BRUSH
  1. Use the in-game Coin Exchange
  2. Use SpookySwap

Also you can check Buying Brush for more information

Estfor Basics

What is ESTFOR ? What is ESTFOR goal?
A P2E (play-to-earn) medieval fantasy idle browser based game on Fantom. Uses BRUSH as in-game currency.

Game is made for ESTFORIANS to become strongest, find friends, and join competitions to win various rewards. Choose your Hero Become the strongest in the Kingdom. Choose to master physical, ranged and magical arts. Prepare for Battle Discover monsters and find their weaknesses. Level up your combat powers and be rewarded! Join clans and fight along side your clubmates to win BRUSH.

How should I start playing Estfor Kingdom?
  • You need to create your hero(If you need more information about heroes read question below)
  • If you skipped game tutorial Check it again.
  • It's not recommended grinding solo skills.
  • For each skill you have starter equipment on your inventory.
  • For further development you can buy items from SHOP or craft them yourself.(Or ask your clubmates)
  • Each skill will be explained on Estfor advanced.
Did you skip the in-game tutorial?
Should pop up when you first mint a hero. If you’ve skipped it Click on the home link, click switch hero you should then see the tutorial button if you skipped.
Which hero is the best?
There are 8 type of heroes on ESTFOR which can be EVOLVED
  • It's unknown which hero is the best. Each hero has its own bonus.
  • Check HEROES to see each hero's EXP Bonus.
  • Eventually you have to level up all of your skills to be able play ESTFOR to its full potential.
  • So, It's recommended to choose the most kawaii one to you.
  • Feel free to join PaintSwap Discord if you have further Questions.
Is the character bonus applied during the entire game or only once the hero is created?
You get an EXP bonus for that hero for the whole game.
How can I buy Hero?
There is PaintSwap Hero Market.

Also you may find what you need on Discord Trade talk.

Is it allowed to have multiple Heroes?
Yes, however you should know only one active hero per wallet address is accepted.

You can create 3 heroes using each address. For more information check advanced part below.

which skills are useful to level up first?
I cannot really answer this one as well.

But here are some tips I can give you:

  1. If you are the type that prefer to make everything yourself read this one:

You have to cook foods to be able to fight and get drops to craft other items you will need in future thus fishing is one of those necessary skills beside cooking.(You don't know how much food is needed when you go on adventure, and need help? Read Estfor advanced below)

If you prefer Melee/Ranged type of combat then mining, smithing and fletching to make arrows are the must.

Also to make arrows you will need woods so woodcutting is needed here.

And if you are into Magic combat, Alchemy is the way you should look to develop your skills and for that you also need papers so woodcutting is a must here as well.

There are some other skills too but you don't need them in the beginning.

2. If you are the type that prefer easy way read this one:

You can buy everything one PaintSwap market.

You need food? gears? arrows? swords and other equipment? check PaintSwap.

Do you need basic ingredients? check there.

Do you need some items but can not find them on PaintSwap? you can offer for a single item there or ask for it on ESTFOR Trading Talk on PaintSwap Discord.

What should I do after my hero did his 3 first actions?
You can save new actions and loot your items as same time using "Save". Although you can loot manually but you have to pay gas fee once looting and once saving new actions.
My active Quest did not get completed despite doing required action, WHY?
There are two possible reasons
  1. You don't have required items on your inventory and solution is to get the items before looting or saving new actions
  2. You are not doing exactly as quest said, for example quest said born 3000 oak logs but you are burning Logs, there are no solution here you need to make sure doing what quest asked you next time.
  3. If you think the problem is not what I mentioned above feel free to ask about in on PaintSwap Discord/Report-bug.
What is the relationship between EXP and level?
There's a formula for it but you can check EXP needed for each level on skill page as well. Basically, later on, to add 10 levels = you double your current exp. Also you will unlock more recipes as your level increases.
I've been gaining more EXP but my level seem to go up as slowly as before, Why?
In the earlier levels, the levels will seem a bit slower but as You unlock more, the EXP increases a lot and required EXP to level up raises too.
Why I am getting less EXP despite fighting stronger monsters?
In short you are not killing max spawned monsters per hour which means you are not getting max EXP.

you can use dief site or dough combat sheet to find out your best match.

What happens if I get an item on my first acting and my second action consumes that? Do I need to loot first then queue next action?
No, Your actions are taken in order. So if the 1st action finishes, the 2nd action will proceed as if the 1st action is claimed.
I don't have the items my action consumes/needs, What should I do?
Simply transferring the missing items to your hero before claiming will save you.
Anyone got some tips on the fastest way to increase your level?
There are a few tips helping.
  1. Using Deif's Estfor Plaza or Combat Calculator 5.2 to find the best way to grind your skills.( You can find them on main page or Clicking on them above)

2. Usually as your hero level ups better actions unlocks so you can gain more EXP. Check Skills page to see how much EXP each action gives. Also keep in mind as you level up, EXP needed increase as well.

So, check the EXP/hr on the action you are doing, some give more EXP but worse rewards for instance. And check the quests too, some give EXP. You can micro-manage tasks such that as soon as you level up and have access to the next action requirement you can re-queue that.

3. Get boosts

Boosts are explained as a separate Question below

How should I get Boosts?
There are multiple ways to get boosts:

Item boost and daily EXP boosts:

You can buy them from in-game "Item shop". Also there's a chance to get them on Sunday if you play game all 7 days of week.

Clan Boost:

Every 5000 brush contribution activates one 3-Day boost. If you need more help there are some questions related to clan boost on Estfor Advanced.

Wishing well:

You get 5% EXP boost and will have a chance to get a 10% boost next day. By doing Wishing well you also contribute to activate clan boost.

Global Boost:

Once global contributions meet brush requirements will activate it for all of players.

I got Lucky Potion, what should I do?
Congratulations. You don't have to do the wishing again to activate it. Just queue your next action and it will get auto-activated.
How to make a treasure contribution?
Do the wishing well.
How does shop work?
You can only buy a few select items from it like boosts, but you can sell anything to it and those items just get burned.

The selling comes from the Treasure amount, which gets its source in a few places, portion of items bought from shop, wishing well contributions, clan upgrades, losing vault battles, NFT royalties and a few other places.

But selling to the shop will get scrapped when the order book gets added.

Could you please explain what Bought and Sold mean?
Bought means items bought from the shop.

Sold means items sold to the shop.

Any list to check item's price in BRUSH token?
(  Number of unique items  /  Treasury brush amount ) /  Number of circulating supply   = Shop sell price

Essentially, if there is 100k brush in the treasury and 300 unique items, each day an item can get 333 brush just by selling in the shop. (Provided you hold all of it.)

Also having item in your wallet.

Is it worth Evolving your hero early on in the game, or should I wait?
For clan wars it's a big boost, and you do get double EXP for certain actions depending on your hero.

your Evolved hero gets +1 points on each skills which means +16 total points Future content is aimed towards evolved heroes, but it's not like a lot of content is gatekeeped right now.

Estfor Advanced


here you can find a simple description about skills and advanced information.

An skill for Evolved heroes to pick on their journey around the kingdom.

In simple words this skills let heroes break down items into Tiny Elixium and refine them into higher quality Elixiums. Also Elixium will be useful for alchemists as well.

For leveling up your forging skills you have to get Tiny Elixiums.

There are two ways to obtain that, first is to make basic items and get your own Elixiums and second is to buy from PaintSwap.

Neither way after you got your Tiny Elixium you have to start making small Elixium to level up and here is some tips you might find useful:

1. For beginners to obtain their Tiny Elixium can use Natuow Leather.

2. To reach level 15 you need about 2000 EXP.

Why level 15? Because you will unlock better Elixium so can make more exp after that.

3. Each hour of Tiny Elixium Forging gives 10 EXP.(Without considering EXP boosts)

4. Keep in mind to check related quest.

Fishing and Cooking
Since these two skills are related better to discuss about them together.

Fishing needs Nets that are buyable from in-game shop and PaintSwap which might be on-sale for lower price.

Your hero basic given equipment (Net(with stick)) is usable up to Feola after that you need Medium Net up to Bowfish, and in order Wood Fishing Rod up to Azacudda, and after that need Cage.

Cooking needs just your fishes to level up and unlock more.

About cooking you have to know the higher your level is the Chance to get more amount of successful cooked fishes is higher.

As said above, to give an example. It's like when you use 200 of X fish per hour and get 80 cooked fish as level 30. The rate is at 40%

However as you level up the rate can get to Maximum 90% which means when your level is high enough to maximize success rate you will obtain 180 cooked fishes using same amount of raw fish.

To find out more about the success rate of each fishes you can check Public Sheet on Discord.

There are 5 stats for Combatants.

Attacks such as Melee, Magic, Ranged

Defense and Health.

You can fight on Attack or Defense mode.

Your total EXP gained from farming monsters ×33% is what you get as Health. In short one third of your exp gained.

To maximize your EXP gained you need to get Max kills, you can check Monsters to see EXP rate and spawn rate. Also you can check Deif's Estfor Plaza and Combat Calculator 5.2 for advanced help.

What's different between attack modes?

While all of them has its strength points fighting your best match you have to know to use Melee gears, Defense is what you should level up but for Rangers and Mages you just need to level up their Attack related stats to be able to wear the gears. Melee attack only makes you able to use better quality swords.

  • Also the balance between Attack and Defense is to defend each Attack level you will need 3 level on Defense.
  • Example: Monster has 20 melee attack which means your hero needs 60 attack to almost defend itself.
  • Don't forget to always pack your hero its food supply.
Mining and Smithing
Your hero gets basic equipments at its birth. The Bronze Pickaxe will use useful up to Iron ore, after that your need Iron Pickaxe, Mithril Pickaxe, Adamantine Pickaxe, Runite Pickaxe, Titanium Pickaxe and at the end Orichalcum pickaxe.

When you are done with mining it's time to move to smithing.

Your new skill starts by making Bronze Bars then bronze gears and unlocking Iron and leveling up to get to top on the leaderboard.

Also keep in mind that there are related quests as well.

You will need to get your resources by Fighting Monsters or some of them by Smithing or even Woodcutting.

Which makes this skill always in demand to buy or farm resources.

Also note there are related quests with rewards waiting for you.

Woodcutting/ Firemaking
Woodcutting is next and the most necessary one to start skills below.

You will chop the trees and get the log you need to level up other skills besides your Woodcutting. As you level up you will need better Axes which Crafters will be able to make also some of them are dropping by killing some monsters.

The logs you get here will be used for Crafting, Firemaking, Alchemy and Fletching.

Firemaking is not too necessary at beginning but once Hell scroll is unlocked, Ash will be in need for alchemy.

There are related quests you might like to do through your journey.

Fletching/ Alchemy
To start both of them you will need Hours of using Logs to get to level 10 so you can get to real work.

Fletchers will need fighters for feathers, Miners and Smiths for arrow heads and Woodcutters for needed logs to start their works.

On the other hand Alchemists will only need Crafters for bonemeal to start their own job and as their journey goes on they will need feathers, Skrimps, Ash and even Large bones to make Scrolls

Also there's Advanced Alchemy which uses Elixium and Flux to obtain some basic resources such as Ores, Logs, Papers, etc.

There are related quests which can help you to level up your skills.

Advanced alchemy(Forge) is available for Evolved heroes.

To become the best Thief on the Estfor kingdom you need to practice hard not to get caught by security agents of The Kingdom.

Start by stealing from kids, it might looks vulgar but note your safety is important. Look at it as some practice before getting serious.

Also don't forget to buy your related Set to gain more EXP and better Success rate.

There's a related quest for now, check it out.

Contacting Estfor

The fastest way to get in contact with us is at Discord, followed by Twitter where all our developers and community members are eager to help you out!