Buying Brush

From Estfor Kingdom


$FTM is the native currency of the Fantom network. You must have some FTM in your wallet to pay for Fantom transaction fees called gas. It's required for all transactions but typically just a fraction of a dollar.

How to buy $FTM tokens

$FTM be purchased on Exchanges such as Kraken or Binance. Can also be swapped from other cryptocurrencies or bridged from other networks directly on the Estfor Coin Exchange (which uses the LI.FI protocol). You can even buy directly with credit card, Apple pay, Google pay, etc using an on-ramp solution like Onramper, but usually comes with a bit higher fee. Estfor assumes no responsibility for what you do in third party applications.


$BRUSH is the token from the team which is used within the NFT marketplace on the Fantom network. It is also the token used in Estfor for buying / selling to the game shop, contributing to the game treasure, clan upgrades, player modifications, evolving, earning rewards in clan battles and much more.

How to buy $BRUSH tokens

$BRUSH tokens can be purchased directly on the Estfor Coin Exchance. Either directly from FTM using the BRUSH quick swap, or swapped/bridged from other networks using the LI.FI widget. Just select from which network/currency you want to swap from and select FANTOM and BRUSH as the destination. You may have to approve the token amount the first time, but it should guide you through the process. Some bridge routes may not exist yet, but you can find even more at SquidRouter.

The main $BRUSH liquidity is on