Buying Brush

From Estfor Kingdom


$FTM is the native currency of the Fantom network. You must have some FTM in your wallet to pay for Fantom transaction fees called gas. It's required for all transactions but typically just a fraction of a dollar.

How to buy $FTM tokens

$FTM be purchased on Exchanges such as Kraken or Binance. Can also be bridged from other networks. One of many bridges is TinySwap where you just select a source network and currency and then as the destination select Fantom and FTM. Just be aware of the bridging fees, which can vary between places.


$BRUSH is the token from the team which is used within the NFT marketplace on the Fantom network. It is also the token used in Estfor for buying / selling to the game shop, contributing to the game treasure, clan upgrades, player modifications, evolving and much more.

How to buy $BRUSH tokens

$BRUSH tokens can be purchased on as well as some other exchanges on the Fantom network, for example TinySwap.

Once visiting Spooky navigate to the swap link in the top menu:

Spooky Swap Link.png

From here you can choose the token you'd like to buy BRUSH with we recommend FTM due to the higher liquidity in the first box, BRUSH in the second. Simply enter the amount of FTM you'd like to exchange to BRUSH.

SpookySwap Page.png

Once you click swap you will need to approve the transaction in your chosen wallet. Once the transaction has been processed on the network you will have your BRUSH in your wallet.