From Estfor Kingdom

Here is a list of all heroes within Estfor Kingdom.

Basic Heroes
Name Description Image
Kittie Mage XP Bonus: 10% Magic

Kittie Mage is a wise and thoughtful mage, skilled in the Arcane arts. A researcher, she is always eager to learn more about the world of magic.
Kittie Mage.png
Itchy Lizzy XP Bonus: 10% Thieving

Itchy Lizzy is skilled in stealth and deception. She prefers to work alone but will team up with others if it serves her ultimate goal.
Itchy Lizzy.png
Polar Ace XP Bonus: 5% Defence 5% Magic

Polar Ace is a resourceful bard who is skilled in music and performance. He is highly charismatic and always knows how to put on a good show.
Polar Ace.png
King Lionel XP Bonus: 10% Melee

King Lionel is a powerful warrior who is skilled in swordplay and hand-to-hand combat. A natural leader, he inspires confidence in all those around him.
King Lionel.png
Raging Ears XP Bonus: 5% Magic 5% Health

Raging Ears is a kind wizard skilled in the healing arts. She is a deeply spiritual person who always puts the needs of others before her own.
Raging Ears.png
Sleepless Piggy XP Bonus: 5% Melee 5% Defence

Sleepless Piggy is a brawny and powerful barbarian who is skilled in hard combat. He is quick to anger and fiercely protective of his friends and allies.
Sleepless Piggy.png
Wolfgang Companion XP Bonus: 10% Ranged

Wolfgang Companion is a fierce ranger, skilled in trapping as well as archery. With a strong sense of justice, she will always defend the weak and innocent.
Wolfgang Companion.png
Slaying Doggo XP Bonus: 5% Melee 5% Magic

Slaying Doggo is a proud, ambitious warrior who is skilled in close combat and magic. His unshakable sense of duty makes him a powerful ally in battle.
Slaying Doggo.png

Evolving your heroes will unlock multiple bonuses, such as the Forging skill, double Hero XP Bonus stat, 1+ battle roll, additional quests, and more in future updates. They will also be able to go beyond level 100 once that limit is lifted in the game.

Evolved Heroes
Name Description Image
Archmage Felus XP Bonus: 20% Magic

Archmage Felus has learned many lessons navigating the labyrinthine path of Primdiat magic. Now power is the currency in which she trades, ever digging for magics both ancient and new, always pursuing greatness.
Archmage Felus.jpg
Invisible Lizard XP Bonus: 20% Thieving

Invisible Lizard has made the shadows her home and the whisping breeze her mount, delving deep and climbing high, always unseen. One could no sooner capture the North Wind than contain Invisible Lizard.
Invisible Lizard.jpg
Arctic Bearserker XP Bonus: 10% Defence 10% Magic

Arctic Bearserker mastered the crafts of storytelling and song while traveling the realms of Estfor. Fortunately, the ruffians of Estfor provide ample fuel to fire the body's forge, and Arctic Bearserker is now something of a Hero himself.
Arctic Bearserker.jpg
Leonidas XP Bonus: 20% Melee

Leonidas has gone from a young and bold fighter to a wizened and tough lion. His prowess in the art of leadership matched only by his raw talent in combat, both honed through years of leading adventuring parties.
Mysticor XP Bonus: 10% Magic 10% Health

Mysticor is a white witch who is to be taken no way but seriously. Though the focus of her craft has been the healing and uplifting of others, life in a hard world will make a bunny hard. Do not cross the healer, unless you want to see her aggressive side.
Chaos XP Bonus: 10% Melee 10% Defence

Chaos is a brute. A true animal among animals. His violence, unmatched by the barbarians he once saw as mentors, is truly without equal. Though few sprout the courage to challenge him, far fewer walk away.
Lunar Ranger XP Bonus: 20% Ranged

Though the size of Lunar Ranger is, indeed, daunting, what is truly most dangerous is the unparalleled precision of her aim. A versatile ranger and huntress, she is at home in the forests and wilds of Estfor alongside beast and monster.
Lunar Ranger.jpg
Crusader XP Bonus: 10% Melee 10% Magic

Crusader has kept his balance and honor down the devastating road of heroism to become a true beacon of a knight. His courage, fortitude, and commitment are unmatched, and those fortunate enough to be called his friends are rich, indeed.