Clan Wars

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Embark on a journey through the 25 Clan territories, each endowed with a unique share of BRUSH emissions bestowed from the Primeval BRUSH Tree. Dive into the strategic play of claiming lands and defending from attackers. From the Whispering Woods to the Skyreach Peaks, every territory awaits conquest!


A clan leader can assign up to 40 clan members as warriors to fight on behalf of the clan. 20 to attack and defend territories and 20 to attack/defend vaults. This is done from the My Warriors button:

My Warriors
Assign Warriors

After assigning warriors there is a 3-day cooldown applied to the clan, and also on individual heroes in case they jump to another clan. Both territory and vault warriors are assigned at once and share this cooldown. Leaving a clan, leaves your post if you are assigned and it will not be automatically reassigned if rejoining, this prevents clan hopping between battles due to the 3-day cool down.

Warriors don't die in battle. They simply provide skill-level stats for the battle engine, see more below under Battles. So don't worry if you are assigned as a warrior, you don't have to do anything, except levelling up your skills to help the clan!


There are 25 territories in total, each with a percentage of BRUSH that is given to the territory each time the Primeval BRUSH Tree is shaken by someone. The BRUSH in the tree is automatically spawned from the BRUSH farms on PaintSwap, a portion of the total BRUSH emissions.

  • 5 Territories - 10% each
  • 10 Territories - 3% each
  • 10 Territories - 2% each

The BRUSH tree can be shaken every 3 hours and 45 mins:

Shake BRUSH Tree

A clan leader can claim an unclaimed territory or attack any other territory owned by another clan. The battle outcome is determined by the Territory Warriors. Each clan can only own one territory at a time and the rewards have to be claimed with the harvest button which can be done every 8 hours:

Harvest BRUSH

Once harvested, the BRUSH goes into a new clan Bank Vault and starts a 7-day lock. Each harvest will be a new separate vault.

Bank Vaults

Any clan can try to attack the vaults in another clan to steal 10% of the remaining funds (from all active vaults combined). If winning, the funds will be locked in a new vault (in the winning clan) with the same terms. If a clan attacks and fails to win, it will lose 10% of its own locked funds (if any), and split into the game treasure and DAO funds (+burned). The battle outcome is determined by the Vault Warriors.

Attacks are initiated with the sword button.

Attack Vaults

Once the (remaining) funds are released the clan can choose to distribute to heroes of their choice. A clan Treasurer will first need to claim the unlocked brush, then distribute to chosen wallets.

Claim BRUSH from Clan Bank
Distribute BRUSH to Heroes


A clan can attack one territory per 24h and one bank vault per 4h. Each time a battle is started all warriors are randomly assigned a skill and an opponent. The chance to beat the opposing player increases with the assigned skill level, but with a twist. The skill level is divided by 20 and given a random number between 0 and the floored division result +1.

points = fn(Math.floor(level / 20) + 1)

The function fn is counting 1-bits from the max points given. Level 100 results in 6 bits, for example 0 1 0 1 0 1, which gives 3 points. 1 1 1 1 1 1 would give 6 points and so on. Skill levels 1 to 19 would result in points between 0 and 1. These random bits come from a powerful technology provided by API3 which only comes at the cost of gas in the transaction. This gas fee is paid by the attacker upon starting an attack.

Can think of it as several d2 rolls (coin flips). Given a fight of skill level 20 vs 99, player 1 would get 2 rolls (max 2 points). Player 2 would get 5 rolls (max 5 points). This gives a small chance of lower-level warriors winning a battle so it's not just whose level is higher that guarantees a win.

An evolved Estfor hero gets one additional roll (2 rolls at lvl 1 and 7 at lvl 100).

To get the best battle outcome, warriors would aim at levels of 20, 40, 60, etc. The clan with the most won 1v1 duels wins the overall battle. If there is a total draw, the attacker wins. The battle details can be seen in the Result Tab. Filter and find a certain battle and then press the rightmost button for the full results:

Battle Results
Full Battle Result


There are 4 shop items related to clan battles that will give you advantages over your opponents, Protection Shield, Mirror Shield, Devilish Fingers, and Sharpened Claw:

  • Protection Shield blocks vault attacks for 48 hours, providing a strategic advantage.
  • Mirror Shield blocks attacks on clan territory for 24 hours, with a 3-day cooldown for fair play.
  • Devilish Fingers allows two attacks on the same clan within 24 hours. Can be used once daily.
  • Sharpened Claw grants all vault warriors of your clan +1 dice roll for one attack. Can be used once daily.

The shields are chosen and activated from the main battle panel:

Select Enchantment

The Devilish Fingers can be chosen after a first vault attack has been started and the 4h vault attack cooldown has passed. The sword icon will be replaced by the enchantment icon, from which it can be selected to initiate a second attack that day!

Vault Enchantment Reattack


There are 4 places to check for battle stats and compete against others:

The main Hero Leaderboard for battles

Hero Leaderboard

Clan Leaderboard

Clan Leaderboard

Hero Journal

Hero Stats

Clan Stats

Clan Stats